How to use the Advanced Logo Generator?

This tool is a bit more complicated, but it allows you to choose and combine a lot of different options. This enables you to create a wide variety of logo styles. The first rule is: play with it! There are ten thousands of possible logos you can create.

These are the input parameters:

  • Text string:
    Type in any text you like (max. 20 characters). Note that some fonts don’t support all special characters, like @#& etc.
  • Font:
    Choose one of the many fonts available.
  • Font Size:
    This is the size of your logo in pixel. Note: the actual image might be larger, this is only the font size.
  • Pattern:
    The pattern is an image that will be used to fill out the font and the outline, this is also known as texture-mapping. Choose if you want to create a simple one-colored logo or use a gradient instead.
  • Pattern Opacity:
    This option allows you to set the transparency of the font and is based on the font color. It does not affect the outline.
  • Outline thickness
    This value is the size (in pixel) of the border around your logo where the pattern opacitiy does not have any effect. It is created by enlarging the font by the value in outline thickness.
  • Outline on/off
    Off to turn off the font and only show the border.
  • Gradient
    A gradient can be used instead of a pattern to fill the logo. There are some transparent gradients which you can combine with a pattern.