How do I use the Free Logo Generator?

Start by clicking the Log-O-mat link. The next screen will show you a list of pre-defined logo effects, sorted by the font they use. When you click on a certain font the next screen presents the available effects with the specified font. By clicking again on a effect you will see the user input interface. These are the input parameters:

  • Text string:
    Type in any text you like (max. 20 characters). Note that some fonts don’t support all special characters, like @#& etc.
  • Font Size:
    This is the size of your logo in pixel. Note: the actual image might be larger, this is only the font size.
  • Shadow:
    This will create a drop shadow in your logo if you select “yes”.
  • File Format:
    Choose whatever file format you need. If you chose JPEG, you can also change the quality (or compression factor) of the logo. If your logo looks jagged try using a higher jpeg quality.
  • Transparent image:
    Only available with GIF and PNG output format. A transparent logo will fit perfectly on your homepage with just any background image or color. JPEG does not support this feature. Note: Netscape 2.x and 3.x do not support background color or images in tables.
  • Background color:
    Choose one of the predefined background colors or create your own, using the Color Picker, by clicking on “Set custom color”.

When you’re ready, press the “Start”-button to create the logo. A window will open and usually within a few seconds you’ll get the requested logo.